03 July 2014 Beauty
I have been looking through the looks you prepared for the Best Look for Fisti competition. I am very pleased that a lot of girls participated and all of them are completely different! But I noticed one bright detail in the looks of many girls. Curls! Curls occupy the first position in my list of stylistic mistakes). Hair and styling in a look can be considered as an accessory, which may either make the look complete or spoil it completely. Curls have a very strong ability to “simplify” the...
02 July 2014 Fashion
Яна Фисти в Монако
I couldn’t even imagine that my look with Birkenstocks would raise such an enormous hailstorm of misunderstanding and “fashion” criticism!) It is not surprising though, because any bright fashion trend should live at least for a couple of seasons before it will be accepted by the public. My Look of the day. I found a new way to wear my Birkenstocks, it is my long jacket by @betrendywear. They make a good couple together) Very often society gives bright trends a hostile reception...
22 June 2014 Beauty
Many people believe in a very unpleasant stereotype that professional cosmetics clogg skin pores. Maybe this stereotype came from the time of thick make-up for TV hosts. Do not believe in this myth)) Professional make-up consists of clean pigments, and it should not necessarily be applied in a thick layer to get brighter color, and it possesses a rich color palette which can’t be found in many luxury brands. MAC, BobbiBrown and MakeUpForEver have great cosmetics for everyday use. Some of...
20 June 2014 Lifestyle
Good morning! I adore creative stylistic combinations, experiments and bright people! That’s why I decided to start a contest for the best and brightest look. Post  your full-length portraits with hashtag #ЛучшийЛукДляФисти. On the 20th of July at 9 p.m. I will choose 4 most stylish looks. And it is you, my followers, who will choose the winner. The end of voting will be on the 30th of July at 9 p.m. The winner will get a prize from MAC cosmetics and a pretty accessory from me...
14 June 2014 Fashion
кроссовки New Balance
I don’t think there’s anyone who never heard of favourite sneakers of Steve Jobs and House M.D. the NEW BALANCEs. Since I am now a part of the fan club of NB too I could not miss the announcement of 20 new models release. They should be out in July this year. However this is not a Chanel or LV collection and I have a feeling like I’ve already seen those designs, so I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding a similar model today. What I love about NEW BALANCE is that you can match them...
18 March 2014 Lifestyle
модель Татьяна Батова в Майами, фотограф Evgeny Fist
It is always nice to publish your own shots, but to publish a summer when it’s snowing outside feels especially good. Another photoshoot that we brought from Miami in the end of the last year. Nothing special, but it’s very lively and it shows well what the atmosphere on the South Beach Miami is like. We hope to get there back soon. Model Tatiana Batova, photographer Evgeny Fist, stylist Yana Fisti  
01 February 2014 Fashion
Дэвид Бекхэм (David Beckham) для Belstaff’s весна-лето 2014
David Beckham and romanian model Andreea Diaconu in the ad campaign photo shoot for Belstaff’s spring-summer 2014 Photographer Peter Lindbergh
13 January 2014 Beauty
Лучшая декоративная косметика
2013 has brought a lot of bright beauty experiments with many beauty purchases that pleased and dissapointed. I want to talk about those that pleased. Many of the products were bought in the U.S., but you can also find them online. Some of the products of favourites weren't invented in 2013, they showed a lot earlier, but nevertheless I can't not mention them, they have found a place in my heart and will come with me to 2014, a year of great changes for me. Yana Fisti Here comes the...
08 August 2013 Beauty
Hair - тренд: Безупречность не в моде!
Forget about perfection! Perfectly smooth hairstyles are in the past. At the shows of Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear - TIBI, Victoria Beckham, LANVIN, Moschino, Issey Miyake, Sportmax, Iceberg - stylists have once again demonstrated careless natural hair. Bunches "in haste," tails "with a lark" and messy hair are on the peak of popularity. Hairstyle at Victoria Beckham Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Hairstyle at Lanvin Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Hairstyle at Moschino Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear...
07 August 2013
17 способов носить вязаную шапку летом
The summer in Moscow isn’t that kind to us with the weather this year, but that is no reason to refuse yourself of some bright accessories and a positive mood. A knitted hat can perfectly fit in the summer season. You can wear it not only with raincoats, jackets and fur, but with a smart suit too. Bright colours will surely make your day! Streetlooks